Sketchpad Enterprise License – 1 Year


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The Sketchpad Enterprise License gives you access to Sketchpad for all your organization’s users. You’ll receive a Sketchpad license for each person who needs to use Sketchpad and they can use the app on any device they own. You’ll also get access to tutorial videos, exclusive live streams, the Sketchpad User Guide, and email support from Sketch.IO staff.

File Templates

Create reloadable file templates using Sketchpad’s built-in sharing feature. Use the .Sketchpad file format to create a reloadable template file which allows others to edit the original layers of a document. Use the .PNG file format if you want a flat image without any layers.

Sketchpad App License for Person

Each person gets a license to use Sketchpad on their Mac, PC, Chromebook, Linux, or tablet devices. That’s one license to cover each device a person in your organization uses. If multiple people use the same device, you need to purchase a license for each person. People can share work with each other using Sketchpad’s built in sharing feature which creates a unique URL to their document. Reloadable .Sketchpad file as well as flat .PNG files are created and can be re-imported into Sketchpad for easy viewing and modification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can my organization use Sketchpad?

Sketchpad is available on all common devices such as Mac, PC, Chromebook, Linux, iPad & Android tablets, and anywhere a browser is available. Sketchpad can be used without an internet connection on most devices and will feature a limited asset collection. On Mac and PC, users can access their files directly via their Documents folder and on all platforms users can export their images to popular file formats such as PNG, JPEG, PDF, and even a reloadable SKETCHPAD file.

Is this a recurring charge or a one-time purchase?

Your license will not automatically renew and you’ll only be charged one time. You’ll receive an email 30 days before your subscription ends with an offer to renew for an additional year at the current rate. If you elect not to renew, you may continue to use Sketchpad, but you will lose access to app updates, human support, and live steams.

Do you offer refunds?

If you’ve changed your mind and no longer wish to use your Sketchpad Enterprise License, we can offer a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. To request a refund simply email [email protected] and provide your name and email which you used to make your purchase.

Sketchpad Features

18 Brushes

Create cool strokes with the Tile, Mirror, Crayon, and Calligraphy brushes. Decorate your artwork using hundreds of high quality stamps. Use the line and path tools to trace images are create detailed line art.

5,000+ Clipart

Browse through the thousands of high quality vector images to use in your project. All images are open source and available for use in professional and commercial artwork. Add your own vector or raster images by dragging and dropping them right into the Sketchpad interface.

14 Shapes

Each shape can customized using slider options in the UI. Fill and outlines can be added with colors, gradients and patterns. Paint directly into shapes to keep your brush strokes “inside the lines.”

800+ Fonts

Access all of Google’s high quality font library directly from the Sketchpad interface. Fill and outline options can be added to fonts with colors, gradients, and patterns. Text automatically scales to the size of the bounding box so just click and drag the corners to make your text bigger or smaller.

Automatic Updates

Sketchpad will seamlessly download updates for you in the background.

Your purchase supports the continued development of Sketchpad and helps keep the app free of ads. Sketchpad is made from a labor of love and we thank you for your support!